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Alex And - Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, March 13th- 17th @ 8pm

Gorgeous Theatre presents "Alex and"

Alex and. Alex and Friend. Alex and Parent. Alex and Partner. Alex and Alex. Alex and breakfast, work, home. Alex and something, something, sleep alone. “Alex and” is the story of Alex and her life with Partner and Parent and Friend. Alex sways from the heights of ecstasy and happiness to the lows of depression and boredom as she comes to terms with the people in her life, her daily routine and the choices that she makes. Alex controls everyone and is controlled by everyone and Alex and Alex and

With Set and Costume Design by Giant Wolf Member Louise Dunne.


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LYSISTRATA BY ARISTOPHANES -Boys School @ Smock Alley Theatre, 21st-24th of March @ 8pm


Lysistrata is a comic anti-war masterpiece by Aristophanes.
It recounts the story of an Athenian woman’s ingenious plot to end the ongoing Peloponnesian war.

Lysistrata calls together the women of Greece and proposes that they all withhold marital relations from their menfolk until a peace treaty is signed.

Lysistrata persuades the women, eventually, to go along with her idea. They brazenly storm the Acropolis and barricade themselves in.

The resulting conflict, though comic, about the position of women in society are recognisable arguments today concerning war, power politics and gender, even after 2500 years.

Performed by Inchicore College Performance Students, including Giant Wolf member Samuel Coyle.



High Heels Are Not My Friend -Boys School @ Smock Alley Theatre, 4th of April @ 8pm

High Heels Are Not My Friend

Meet Zoe. She’s disabled. She’s feminine and she hates high heels. 

High heels. Femininity. Make up. Femininity. Cerebral Palsy. Femininity? Arianne Hutch, drawing on real experiences, balances whimsy and heart, guides us through the stigmas, preconceptions and realities of being a woman living with cerebral palsy.

Written and Performed by Giant Wolf member Arianne Hutch and Directed by Giant Wolf member Kate Conboy-Fischer, as part of the Smock Alley Scene+Heard Festival

High Heels Are Not My Friend

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